Christmas is coming !

Christmas is coming !

It's Christmas time! You may have noticed that our beautiful city Cannes already have Christmas lights on? But what about your own festive interior decoration? Beautiful decorations don't happen by themselves. The most important for the Christmas celebration is the magic atmosphère in the house and Baccarda has prepared everything you will need. 

New Year's and Christmas holidays are associated with the expectation of magic. It is also a real magic in itself. We say goodbye to the passing year and try to send all our troubles to the past. In our souls we wake up hopes for future luck and achievements.

Therefore, you will probably agree with the statement that a Christmas atmosphere in early December is one of the most grandiose and worthy reasons to prepare well for upcoming holidays. Moreover many people are sure that a good start will set the tone for the whole year.

The living room is the center of the festival, and it sets the tone for the whole house. New Year's Eve, Christmas, is such a hearty holiday that the feeling of fairy tale and magic appears not only in children, but even adults. Both old and young in the general cheerful company with pleasure decorate the house. 

The combination of shimmering lights of table candles, in various thematic forms, with shimmering light garlands hung on the perimeter of the room, will perfectly harmonize with the textiles of placemat set laying on the table.

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