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On a beautiful sunny day, in the middle of the vacations, there is still plenty of time before dinner, why not watch the latest movie with Angelina Jolie with your family? But what if the strong sun comes into the Cinema Room and spoils the whole atmosphere? This is a common problem in Private Cinemas. But don't worry, there are great solutions to solve all your problems. Our prescription for this are the Electrically or Manually Operated Blackout Curtains.

What exactly are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout Curtains mean that the Curtains can stop absolutely all the light coming into the Room creating total darkness.

This is exactly what we need in a Theater. But how do we make the Blackout Curtains not only stop the light, but also look good and fit in with the style of our theater?

Baccarda knows very well how to combine these two functions. So, first of all, depending on the style of the room, the furniture, other elements of the walls, ceiling, etc. we select perfectly matching fabrics. For the Modern style of Home Theater, we recommend soft velvet, which will not only be a beautiful decoration of the interior, but will also improve the acoustics of the room. In Baccarda's Velvet Collections you will find many different velvets in solid colors and many patterned velvets.

But what if the Cinema Room is not Modern at all - we will look at different Collections of Velvet, Jacquard or Embroidered Damask, Baroque or other classic patterns. There are really lots of options to select the perfect style and color to make the interior Chic and Luxurious.

The Fabric we choose to make the Curtains will not stop the light at all. Baccarda's secret now is to add a special technical blackout lining under the Curtains - and this part of the Curtains, which is not visible to the spectators in the Hall, is responsible for stopping the light. Important : The Blackout Curtains must be installed from the Ceiling to the Floor and be wide enough, although they must cover all window walls, otherwise the light may pass through openings located next to the ceiling, above the Curtain, or next to the floor, under the Curtains. Mistakes are often made by inexperienced people.

The disadvantage of this type of Curtains is that they are very heavy. How to install and move such heavy Curtains?

Baccarda has easy solutions for this:

- A Manual Curtain Track System - especially dedicated to very heavy curtains, with a special system of hooks, which allows the curtains to be moved easily. The disadvantage is that you can move each curtain separately yourself, which can be a bit difficult if there are a lot of windows.

- Electric Curtain Track System - which allows you to move the curtains automatically. This system can be controlled from a remote control or even an Ipad system. It allows you to move the curtains easily and as often as you need.

An Electric System is recommended wherever we have a lot of Windows, or Large Windows, or where access to the Windows is not easy. 

This system of track curtains and blackout curtains is dedicated not only to Luxury Villas or Apartments, but also to Private Yachts in Cinemas and Theaters.

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