Luxury Curtains

Luxury Double Curtain Ready to Use
curtains, drapery, made to measure, double

Luxury Curtains & Drapery

Luxury Curtains & Drapery in Standard sizes. Curtains Made to Measure, for your individual Order are available for request.

Long Curtains, slightly sloping to the floor and preferably lying on the floor. 

Draped by unique tassels pinned to the side, creating a traditional style,

or let them slide down softly for a modern look. 

These Double Curtains are the only luxury Curtains in standard dimensions, ready to be installed, they are made as Double Curtains with satin lining, sewn in the same style as the most expensive curtains made to measure. It is the style of their manufactured and the excellent quality of the fabrics that guarantee their beautiful appearance.

Any customization: the Dimension, Heading Style, Blackout Lining of the Curtains on request.

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