Ivory & Gold - Luxury in the bathroom

Ivory and gold - perfect combination of colors, together they create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury:

- Ivory - very elegant, soft and relaxing color, giving an impression of warm and fresh space.

 - Gold - very chic, luxurious, giving an impression of a lush and opulent interior.

The bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation and it is not surprising that to create a pleasant atmosphere, we choose these beautiful combinations of shades. This room should be comfortable, practical, accommodate the necessary sanitary equipment and, finally, bring joy. Thanks to the exquisite modern design, the large Wall Mirrors and the large Baccarda Vases that definitely increase the space, it is very possible to transform your bathroom into a Bathroom Lounge. The individuality of the bathroom is often given by the specially designed accessories. Different original Gold Bowls and Cups for toothbrushes, soaps, beauty products can do both: beautiful decoration and very comfortable to use. The most important accessory in the interior of this room is, of course, the Giant Mirror, which is traditionally installed above the faucet adorned with beautifully large crystals covered with real Gold - a glamorous paradise for every woman! Modern ivory chest of drawers with pearl effect will look very nice and what is most important is that it is very practical to use: full of drawers there will be enough space to keep and "hide" everything you need in the bathroom. The high quality ivory cotton towels will give you pure softness and a positive energy charge for the whole day.  Plus, it saves a lot of space since the sink is installed directly in the dresser. The Golden Tall Vase and Rug harmonize perfectly with the ivory marble floor and add elegance and style to your future Bathroom.

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