Your Perfect Home Theater

In the past, Private Cinemas were limited to the privileged few. Today, not only Cinemas but also Private Theaters have entered our lives.

Almost every new Villa, every new Yacht has a room of some size for a Private Cinema or even a Small Theater.

It is therefore not surprising that it is now fashionable to watch movies and shows, or beautiful photos and films from recent vacations, together with your loved ones, family or friends, in the intimacy of a Private Cinema

So how can we make our Home Theater a paragon of our property, and at the same time make it very functional.

Baccarda, is a specialist in this field - creating beautiful interiors and an extraordinary atmosphere, knows how to make modern and functional interiors to be both luxurious and chic. Luxury cinema or Theater.

1. Soundproof floor - a soft and luxurious carpet is perfect here. Baccarda offers numerous collections of custom-made wall-to-wall carpets in wool, silk and synthetic materials, individually designed with ornaments to suit the style of the entire property, as well as unique carpets decorated with or without Swarovski Crystals.

2. Soft Textiles for walls and ceilings - with the help of Baccarda you can achieve an exceptional effect, chic and unique walls. Using the beautiful fabrics from the Baccarda Collections is extremely easy. Cotton and Silk Velvet, with or without pattern, are perfect for this. Modern Design and Classic Damask are truly Royal designs - no limits to your imagination - that's what makes your Private Home Theater splendid and exceptional.

3. Soft Armchairs and Sofas - specifically dedicated to Private Cinemas, comfortable and at the same time elegant furniture, in Velvet or Soft Silk - Baccarda knows how to introduce luxury to the Private Cinema.

4. Curtains - is one of the most important elements of the Home Theater. In order to really use the Cinema Room, we must be able to create total darkness at any time of the day. Here, the specialist is Baccarda, which provides the best solutions - BlackOut Curtains. These Double Curtains are made of extraordinary and luxurious fabrics. To learn more, you can read "Perfect Curtains for Home Theater or Theater".

All the above elements are essential to create a unique atmosphere and optimal acoustics in the room.

With Baccarda, you are guaranteed a Magnificent Home Theater.

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