Chic and Charm Bedroom

Wonderful Interior  - Chic and Charm Bedroom

This wonderful interior will be liked by those who are fans of refined noble chic and charm. This Italian style is characterized by an abundance of various cute, elegant and at the same time charming elements and details that create a cozy and unusual atmosphere of luxury in the bedroom. Tall windows which are perfectly decorated with heavy luxurious Hand Made white off Curtains, golden statuettes, gracefully standing next to each other and perfectly matching with the volume golden majestic Vase. Elegant white armchairs made of High Quality leather with extremely comfortable backs with a lot of soft Cushions scattered on it, round coffee table in between and a big mirror with a few of little ones inside lightening up the bedroom and making it even more spacious. As for main color of the modern luxury Bedroom should be definitely gold which looks just ideally classy and chic with the white off background. 

The main attribute of the bedroom is absolutely the lovely King size Bed. The magnificent bed headboard with amazing carving says for itself that it is a bed for royalty. It expresses the greatness, splendor and pure softness to feel yourself as comfortable as possible on the cloud of sleep. Abundance of Cushions with natural fur, Crystals Swarovski and velour gives the bed an exquisite desire to drown into this opulence. The white off bedcover so elegantly falling off the bed made entirely of natural fox fur.  Next to the gracious bed there is modern, beautiful and stylish commode. It is already became an irreplaceable element in any interior, it amazes with its golden curved handles in the Baroque style.  This commode in not only elegant and luxurious on the outside, but also very multifunctional inside. This luxurious commode fits perfectly with a bedside white off leather pouf. The ceiling is decorated with a magnificent elegant Crystal Chandelier

6 novembre 2019

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