Modern Curtains are a collective name for window decoration.  They differ in design, material, degree of transparency, method of attachment,  but it is always a multifunctional element of the interior, providing aesthetic,  light-regulating and protective functions.  Put bare windows in curtains, and even an empty room will immediately become cozier.  Therefore Baccarda offers its customers made to measure luxury curtains with high-quality sewing, suitable for your interior design.

Each interior is unique and original, so deserves its own individual design of Curtains.  The service is arranged in such a way as to provide maximum comfort to our customers.

Even though you can buy some curtains inexpensively, the maximum price is limited only by your imagination - we have experience, equipment and specialists to implement any plans and projects.

Boutique Baccarda will help you to get the curtains of your dreams. In the catalogue  you can get an overview of ready-made projects and make an idea  of how exactly you would like to dress your windows.

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